Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vote for Saara

Hei, kaksi jäljellä laulukilpailussa, peukut pystyyn Saaralle! Tai ihan sama, voitto on jo kotona!
Korteissa siilipari laulelee joululauluja, leimasin Penny Blackin, kuin paperitkin.
 Hi, how exciting evening, the final of X Factor UK and Saara Aalto from Finland is in the TOP 2!
It's already a great win to be on the final, but OMG she's so talented. Hope you heard the duet with Adam Lambert yesterday. Or not, watch it at Youtube! And vote for her!!!!!

These Penny Black's hedgie cards was the only to go with the "Song" theme, haven't shown them  yet. Have a great evening.

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Anemone said...

Hienot kortit ! Mullakin on tuo leima unohduksissa :)