Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kamalan hyvää päivää!

Hei, mä olen tullut niin kamalan laiskaksi postaamaan. Onneksi Heidin Korttipajasta tulivat uudet Kamala Luonto- leimasimet. Nyt nousi korttien kotimaisuusaste melko lailla!
Nice to have a friend like you!
 Hi, new Finnish stamps, basic on a comic strip called "Awful /Horrible Nature" , there are wild Finnish forest animals, like lynx, marten, fox ... and their thoughts of these days and living.
There's a Christmas stamps also. Them you'll see later on.

Horribly good Celebration Day

Kiitos käynnistä / Thanks for your visit;-))m 


Pat said...

These look really fun characters Mervi and love your designs with the pretty papers and added die cuts to embellish. x

Fabiola said...

Oh Mervi, c'est très original et très mignon, biz